Working with me

Picture by Jim Wileman – Significant Seams Event, at TTVS, Bideford, North Devon.

How to get the best out of working with me

Welcome! This is what’s sometimes called an ‘access rider’: a recent development that may not have found the best term for itself yet. No blue M&Ms are involved, and as a white non-disabled woman I already enjoy privileged access. This is simply to help us work really well together. While it may feel vulnerable putting this out there, I would encourage others to do the same if you think it would help you. I welcome your feedback on how useful (or not) it is for you as prospective clients, colleagues and collaborators. So here goes…

While I seem quiet and calm on the surface, my mind is broad, lively and empathetic.

I have some characteristics that might be described as neurodivergent (but no diagnosis). In particular, I contribute my best work when I have time to process, reflect and plan.

I’m not so effective when put on the spot or rushed, especially in verbal contexts. Large meetings or interviews rarely allow me to draw on my full range of resources or creativity.

I’d love to have a great conversation with you – it’s unlikely to be at a busy, noisy networking event.

I also live with depression and anxiety. This can be exhausting. A little flexibility and patience will help me to give you my best work.

While I work at whatever time of day is needed, my energy levels are highest from 10am onwards.

You can help me to give you my best by:

– Allowing me some time to process information
– Sharing information with me in advance where possible (eg documents, topics, questions)
– Allowing me time to think, explore and research, pause, reflect and plan
– Not relying too heavily on fast verbal response time
– Allowing me to contribute thoughtfully, including by writing or in other ways
– Where possible, being patient and flexible
– Paying me appropriately for my work

I’m privileged that none of these accommodations is essential for me (except paying me for my work!), but they level the playing field and help me to give you my best work.

Thank you to the following practitioners whose own access riders, resources and workshops I have drawn on in creating my own:

Vijay Patel

Graham MacLeod Johnson

Alexandrina Hemsley

Far Flung Dance Theatre

Unlimited Theatre

…and others I may inadvertently have left out.