My values

Still from Time Being by Deborah Robinson


Creativity because…

…it takes us furtherHumans are not machines but living, thinking, feeling beings. We need to do more than just survive; we need to flourish, thrive and realise the fullness of our possibilities, individually and together.

Creating something new and unique in the world invigorates us and helps us communicate and connect at a deeper level with ourselves and others. This is fundamental to us and to the world we want to live in.

I will:

  • Shape projects that use creativity to communicate and connect
  • Work with artists and creatives who are pushing boundaries and making things new
  • Support projects that pay artists and creatives properly unless there is a clear rationale for pro bono work (for example to build social capital).

Diversity because…

…Life is infinitely varied. To experience it in its fullness, we must connect with, learn from, be inspired and challenged by the voices of everyone.

Our narratives have been shaped by the voices of privilege. This impoverishes us all. To create the world we want we must empower ideas, stories and innovations from everyone, everywhere. The world needs more than one way of thinking – even more so in a time of global crisis.

Everyone’s story holds meaning, wisdom and power.

I will:

  • Support new creative voices and fresh perspectives
  • Advocate for new voices to be heard at all levels
  • Call out the absence of diversity and inclusion.

Wisdom because…

…it’s only through wisdom that we can live our best life and nurture our best societies.

We’re living in an age of speed, surface and too much information. Time to reflect, think and learn at a deeper level, beyond headlines and newsfeeds, is essential to reshaping our world for the better.

I will:

  • Develop work that encourages deeper engagement, insight and understanding over quick hits and soundbites
  • Develop work that helps us to slow down
  • Engage with emerging ideas and thinking.

High quality because…

…with high quality comes power and impact – the power to connect, affect and transform.

High quality is different in different contexts, but at its core the term describes a creation, product or process that is carefully thought through from different perspectives and delivered with rigour and imagination.

High quality is what empowers art to deliver its greatest gifts.

I will:

  • Help artists and creatives to develop, shape and realise their strongest ideas
  • Help artists and creatives realise their vision to high standards
  • Implement projects to high standards
  • Always think about the audience experience
  • Always think about the context.

Challenge because…

… Challenge invigorates us as individuals, communities and societies.

No matter how old, experienced or capable we get, there are always new places we can take our minds and hearts. By reaching in new directions we can build our self esteem, capability and wisdom – and open up human potential.

I will:

  • Support artists and creatives to try new ideas and new ways of working
  • Develop and support work that encourages audiences and participants to go beyond their day-to-day experience, and to leave their comfort zone (in safe and supported ways).

Justice because…

…I want everyone to have the chance to live a fulfilling life and realise their best self.

Far too many lives are still blighted by poverty, social injustice, structural inequalities and disempowerment. In the 2020s this simply isn’t good enough. We all deserve a fulfilling life, including opportunities to create and experience. We all have something of value to contribute.

I will:

  • Develop work and projects that increase opportunities for disenfranchised, forgotten or invisible people and communities
  • Prioritise work and projects with disempowered people
  • Advocate for fairer distribution of resources and opportunities in the arts sector.

Environmental responsibility because…

…The climate emergency and loss of biodiversity threatens the future of us all – and it’s already happening.

Our planet is diverse and extraordinary, as well as sometimes harsh and cruel. We share it with billions of other humans and billions of other species. We must protect and care for it urgently, for its own sake, and so it can continue to nurture us.

I will:

  • Travel by public transport wherever possible
  • Avoid flying wherever possible
  • Avoid working with environmentally damaging corporate organisations or sponsors
  • Advocate for a more environmentally responsible arts sector.