An Easter Story

“I’m combining Easter and April Fools Day this year: I’m sending kids out to look for eggs I haven’t hidden”, tweeted writer Louis Leung today.
“Mean but funny,” said a friend.
“Not mean at all,” I replied. “They’ll enjoy the exercise and it’ll prepare them for life’s disappointments”.
“That’s very profound for April Fools Day,” said my friend, who’s no fool either.
“And when they can’t find any eggs, tell them they’re not looking hard enough, or don’t have the right egg-hunting skills, or need to go on an egg-hunting course (loans offered), or perhaps to do more voluntary egg-hunting. Or simply improve their attitude to egg-hunting.”
This continues for four or five decades. And then one day, all the kids finally turn around and say: “But you haven’t hidden any fucking eggs!”
Until that day, Happy Easter!

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