'In Equal Measure' (2015) Sam Treadaway. Commissioned as part of Bideford Black
‘In Equal Measure’ (2015) Sam Treadaway. Commissioned as part of Bideford Black

Assessing quality and impact

Developing approaches to measuring quality and impact in arts and culture experiences.

Supporting self-evaluation

Supporting organisations and partnerships to explore, resolve, articulate and evaluate their vision, mission and objectives.

Helping and challenging clients to develop innovative and ambitious creative projects that engage with a wide range of audiences.


Working with clients to initiate and develop new ideas and approaches to improve quality, ambition and innovation in the cultural sector.

Research, evaluation and analysis

Designing evaluation frameworks for projects, activities and programmes.

Analysing data and the results of research and fieldwork, interpreting and formulating conclusions and recommendations.

Advocacy and communications

Supporting clients in the development and planning of advocacy campaigns, including identifying stakeholders and developing key messages

Producing powerful copy for advocacy campaigns, writing media releases

Commissioning and project-managing design, print and film.

Creative production

Initiating and developing new creative projects, including new collaborations between creative practitioners and between artists and those working in other disciplines

Leading, producing and project-managing creative projects and collaborations.


For all research and evaluation work I can design and host online surveys.

Fully insured for public liability to £2m.

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