Bideford Black: The Next Generation

'Coerce Course' (2015) ATOI. Commissioned as part of Bideford Black

‘Coerce Course’ (2015) ATOI. Commissioned as part of Bideford Black


As a creative producer, I worked with Carolyn Black of Flow Contemporary Arts to commission and produce new work by 10 artists for Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford, Devon.

The 10 artists worked in Burton Art Gallery’s archives, in their own studios and in the landscape, collaborating with geographers, scientists, manufacturers and local residents to explore an enduring local earth pigment, Bideford Black.

The new artworks, several of which became part of the gallery’s permanent collection, tested the physical limits and possibilities of Bideford Black, setting out to discover what this dark, sticky material might mean today.


Tabatha Andrews


Luce Choules

Corinne Felgate

Neville Gabie, Joan Gabie and Prof Ian Cook


Lizzie Ridout

Sam Treadaway

Liberty Smith

The Bideford Black project was supported using public money through the National Lottery Grants for the Arts, and by The Friends of Burton Art Gallery.

More about Flow Contemporary Arts

Flow Contemporary Arts commissions artworks that respond to place, yet may also adapt to other contexts. Set up by Carolyn Black in 2012, Flow devises and delivers arts projects for organisations and artists.