Rescue package or not, the arts sector must not return to old ways

I’m still trying to digest this week’s news that our previously ‘small state’, laissez-faire government is making a dramatic intervention to rescue the arts. It’s unexpected, unprecedented, and the relief across the entire culture and creative sector is palpable. I’m glad the government has listened to audiences and communities across the country saying that culture Read More

We’re not playing any more

This squished, slumped ceramic trophy has been on my shelf since September. It may or may not contain gold bullion. The artist made hundreds and put gold in some (and pewter in others). If I pick up my trophy and shake it, it rattles. There’s definitely something in there. But to find out I’d need Read More

Throw him back in

Was anyone else dismayed at the sorry spectacle of it? Of Colston’s statue being dragged, feet first, out of Bristol Harbour by a crane? Because that was my immediate, emotional reaction this morning. But it’s not about me. I have no lived experience of racism. Many of those who tore down the statue on 7 Read More

New Union Flag by Gil Mualem Doron

Nothing to do with what I’m working on, but I had to share this wonderful work by Gil Mualem Doron as part of the Tate Exchange Who Are We? project with Counterpoint Arts. The project website says that it ‘includes designs of former colonised communities and of various ethnic and national groups that live in Read More

We cannot look away

A message to my fellow participants in Culture Shock Chapter 1 next week           Artists, scientists, fellow human beings, we cannot look away while the ugliest side of us rolls back all that is good in us. Everything our parents and grandparents worked for and fought for is threatened. In a Read More

Questions about quality

“The first line, perhaps even the first word, makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up”. That’s what Booker Prize winning novelist Ben Okri once said, when asked about great writing. It’s a wonderful description of the magic of great art: that point where an artist’s vision, endeavour and execution meet relevance Read More