Photo: (c) Matt Austin. Background: ‘Seam’ (2015) by Luce Choules



Excellent. I am really thrilled by the quality and integrity of the work.” Ruth Gooding, Arts Development Manager / THG Curator, East Devon District Council, August 2021

Analytical, intelligent and generous. Claire’s work allowed partners to consider how the cultural landscape in Torbay has changed and how we can move forward.” Martin Thomas, Executive Director, Torbay Culture, March 2021

I am an experienced cultural and creative sector professional who will bring a sense of calm, clear thinking and creativity to your aspirations and challenges. 

Combining imagination and pragmatism, I will help you to shape and communicate your thinking, solve challenges and implement innovative ideas. Bringing a thoughtful, rigorous and goal-oriented way of working, I quietly make things happen.

Passionate about art, new voices and untold stories.

Claire worked under the most challenging conditions to produce a Covid secure, socially distanced exhibition for our research project. Her flexibility and local and national contacts helped keep the show viable, and her commitment to the integrity of the work was second to none.” Laura Salisbury, Professor of Modern Literature and Medical Humanities, University of Exeter, January 2021

Claire has been brilliant at listening to my ideas about the artwork, clarifying what is at the core and shaping these thoughts into a form that meets the criteria required by ACE for a funding application. I have hugely appreciated her insight and expertise.” Dr Deborah Robinson, artist, May 2020

It was a pleasure working with Claire on this application. She was able to translate my ramblings into something cohesive.  We are so grateful to Claire because without her we would not have received the grant’. Vicky Lindo and Bill Brookes, artists, winners of AWARD, British Ceramics Biennial 2019, January 2020

Claire is a good communicator who understands museums well. I would recommend Claire as a project curator. Lara Goodband, Contemporary Art Curator and Programmer, Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, May 2020

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